When a Wedding Planner Becomes a Bride by Carolyn McGee

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Being a wedding planner is a fun job. Being a bride, as a wedding planner is even more fun. Well, it can be. I got engaged shortly after starting my business, and had SOOO many ideas for my wedding. Being a wedding planner, I wanted it to be perfect and showcase my ability as a planner. After all my ideas came spewing out to my fiance, and blowing our original budget TWICE, we sat down and talked about what WE truly wanted. Not the wedding I thought we should have, but what was really us and represented our love story. 
Planning a wedding as a wedding planner is like having a golden key. You know the ins and outs of the process, you know what to look for and the questions to ask. Connecting with other vendors is also really cool because you know the industry and it gives a unique perspective. It can also be intimidating. I had so many ideas and things I wanted, and as we all know, the day never fully goes as planned.
As a coordinator, I always make sure my couples give me a list of top priorities and things they wouldn’t want to forget. I thought because I was a wedding planner, and we were having such a small ceremony, that I would be fine without a coordinator. 
There is nothing on my wedding day I regret, nothing I would change. I do wish I had hired a coordinator for the day, or delegated more tasks to my sisters who were with me. Little things I wanted to do, like play a song during my first look or wear my hiking boots up the mountain, were not thought about because everything else happening during the day. Now, neither of these things had a negative impact on our day, and I didn’t even think about them until long after the fact but they were still things I wanted on my day. 
Being the bride gave me such a unique perspective and showed me how my brides feel on their wedding day. It gave me insight on how to be a better coordinator. Ways that I can help my brides before they even have to ask or have a problem arise. It was fun going through the wedding planning process with my couples, and now I can go through their wedding day with them, having the experience of being a bride myself! 
My entire vendor team was absolutely incredible and they deserve the biggest shoutout!! Photography: Kristin Bendigo Photography
Videography: Cameron Robbins Photography
Hair: Uplifted
Make-up: Beauty by Beth
Floral: Pinkz Floral Design
Officiant: Our sweet friend Britt, with MilSo Box & New Altitudes
About the Author:
Carolyn McGee is a certified wedding planner, day of coordinator, event planner and wedding officiant at CM Planning LLC. Owner and planner Carolyn has years of experience in the event and wedding industry. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Event Management from Iowa State University, she is a Certified Wedding Planner and Wedding Design Fundamentals Certified through The Bridal Society. While CM Planning LLC calls Chicago home, Carolyn will travel to wherever your story is taking you. Follow her for planning tips and work with her to plan a wedding! www.cmplanningllc.com

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