Winter Wedding Tips from a Certified Wedding Planner

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Winter weddings can be beautiful, even in the cold. It all depends on your location and it’s definition of winter. For us here in Chicago, it can be a toss up. You can get lucky and have mild weather, or you can get snowed on all day! From the warm foods to the deep colors, winter weddings are sure to be a hit for all. 
As a wedding planner, you have to prepare your clients for every possible outcome while planning a winter wedding. I just had a wedding on January 28th and it snowed all day. I mean ALL DAY. While I’m sure the couple is going to get stunning photos, it means a lot of things for their big day. They had their ceremony and reception at the same place making it easier for guests with limited travel. 
Having a winter wedding means there’s a 99.9% chance you need to have all of your wedding events indoors. Depending on the size of your wedding, this can be difficult. A tip is to find a venue that is large enough to have all your guests in one place without being overcrowded. Having a room for your ceremony and a room for your reception reduces congestion during your cocktail house because guests aren’t having to cram in one room for those 60 minutes. Some venues make room flips inevitable, so be sure to keep your guest count in mind while planning! 
Winter weddings open the door for some really cool food & beverage options! One couple I worked with for a December wedding left baskets of blankets on the patio of their venue for guests that wanted to step outside. My most recent wedding did a hot cocoa bar for guests during dancing, which was a hit! You can also have soups with dinner to help warm guests up! 
One of the biggest benefits to having a winter wedding is the lower cost. Here in Chicago, winter weddings are less common so most venues will do off-season pricing. You can also get more incentives like free hors devours or money off your ceremony fee. Vendors are more likely to be flexible during winter because it’s slower and they are looking for business still! There are pros and cons to weddings during every season in any location, but I personally love winter weddings in Chicago! 
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Carolyn McGee is a certified wedding planner, day of coordinator, event planner and wedding officiant at CM Planning LLC. Owner and planner Carolyn has years of experience in the event and wedding industry. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Event Management from Iowa State University, she is a Certified Wedding Planner and Wedding Design Fundamentals Certified through The Bridal Society. While CM Planning LLC calls Chicago home, Carolyn will travel to wherever your story is taking you. Follow her for planning tips and work with her to plan a wedding!

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