Anniversary Gift Guide for Years 6-10 of Marriage

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Marriage is steeped in tradition. Brides wear veils, bridesmaids wear matching dresses, save the top tier of the wedding cake, etc. But it does not end after you say "I Do," next comes the tradition for giving anniversary gifts based on how long you have been married. The meaning behind this tradition is that with each passing year that you are married, the strength of your relationship grows as well as your investment. That's why the materials in the traditional themes start out simple (like paper for the first anniversary) and become more substantial/expensive over time (like china for the 20th anniversary.)

While having this cheat sheet for anniversary gifts is helpful, sometimes couples have trouble giving meaningful gifts to each other for anniversaries. Maybe the theme does not fit the couple, is outdated, or you or your spouse are not naturally gifted in the art of gift giving. Whatever the case, the goal for this gift guide is to provide you with a few ideas and inspiration for your first five anniversary gifts. The anniversary gift guide is organized by year, themes (both traditional and modern) and by flower respectively.

Sixth Anniversary: Candy/Iron, Wood, Calla

For a six-year wedding anniversary, consider gifts and themes that symbolize the journey of love. Candy/iron reflects sweetness and strength, with options like personalized candies or wrought iron trinkets. Wood signifies growth and endurance, offering choices like engraved wooden items. Calla lily flowers embody purity and passion, perfect for bouquets or garden additions.

Seventh Anniversary: Wool/Copper, Desk Set, Freesia

Celebrating seven years of marriage calls for gifts reflecting stability and growth. Wood/copper themes suggest timeless elegance and warmth, with options like personalized wooden desk sets or copper decor. Freesia flowers symbolize friendship and thoughtfulness, making them perfect for bouquets or potted arrangements, infusing the occasion with beauty and fragrance.

Eighth Anniversary: Bronze/Pottery, Linen/Lace, Lilac

As you celebrate eight years of love, embrace the traditional themes of bronze/pottery, offering timeless treasures like sculptural pieces or an engraved compass. Linen/lace symbolizes comfort and elegance, with options like luxurious bedding or delicate lace accessories. The lilac flower signifies the beauty and fragility of a lasting bond, perfect for bouquets or garden accents.

Ninth Anniversary: Pottery, Leather, Birds of Paradise

Mark nine years of love with gifts echoing endurance and passion. Pottery signifies the foundation of a lasting relationship, with options like personalized ceramics. Leather symbolizes durability and strength, offering choices like stylish accessories or custom-made items. The birds of paradise flower embodies exotic beauty and adventure, perfect for vibrant bouquets or home decor.

Tenth Anniversary: Tin/Aluminum, Diamond Jewelry, Daffodil

Celebrate a decade of devotion with gifts symbolizing resilience and brilliance. Tin/aluminum themes represent the strength of your bond, offering personalized tin items or sleek aluminum decor. Diamond jewelry signifies enduring love and commitment, perfect for adding sparkle to the occasion. The daffodil flower embodies new beginnings and joy, ideal for bouquets or garden displays.

What is the best anniversary gift that you have ever received? Share in the comments below!

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